Use Free Software

The only way to safely use your computer is by using Free Software. The term free is meant in context of the word 'freedom'; and not 'free beer'. Even though free beer is pleasant to many.

To use a computer safely:

  • one needs to obtain source code of the software
  • review the obtained code for bugs and security holes
  • compile the reviewed code to binary language (computers speak binary)
  • run the binary program that was created by the compiler

Why? Because if one is not able to check the written instructions of a computer program, there is no good way of knowing what the intention of the program is and what the computer will do during its execution. You can hardly ascertain what is happening with your input. It might harmfully manipulate your information and send it to an unknown server.

This uncertainty is not safe for your privacy, information and computing device.

This is what you should do:

It boils down to this:


Governments and public organizations should only use Free Software.
Universities and libraries are a good place to start.


They have a lot of good information.

If you think of this long enough, you will come to understand that it's always more secure instead of using proprietary, closed and/or unknown software. Because Free Software is of the public, written by the same public and is always intended for the use by the public; and not the use of the public.

Or one can perhaps choose not to use a computer. Like Donald J. Trump.

Richard Stallman is the guy on the picture. This would be nonexistent without him.

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