I have not much to say about movies

But: the ending sequence of this science-fiction film makes itself perfect. To me it's a brilliant story and inspiring motion picture.

If you want to have some sense what is wrong these days. For instance: the idea of proper health care, or often: lack thereof.

Watch this movie and look closely at its plot story. And then if you're still interested: watch The Martian to see a another hint on an prospective scope of the future. In my opinion Matt Damon and the makers are doing some magnificent work to tell us a story. Elysium is up and until now one of my favorite movies, and I'm sure that will remain so for the coming decade.

Star Trek

Speaking about something that also must have crossed your widescreens or television sets: a tv series known as Star Trek.

I came across the fact that somewhat 50 percent of the people working for NASA were inspired to do so in their childhood by watching Star Trek. Gene Rodenberry and his team likewise created magnificent stories that adds a necessary perspective, teaches lessons, and hints on a good and realistic sense of Utopia.

One thing I like as a true Trekker is the starship's computer. The computer communicates via a very characteristic female voice. In the series they were all recorded by Gene's wife: Majel Barett.

Majel Barret in the pilot of Star Trek

Majel Barett also featured as 'Number One' in the first pilot episode of Star Trek. That's a nickname for the First Officer on the bridge. She and Captain Christopher Pike are the two commanders of the USS Enterprise. I think it was a bold step of Gene to make a woman the be the executive in a show of the sixties. If even it was for a star ship that was built in the 24th century.

An AI driven computer and platform is inspired directly by Star Trek. It's called Wolfram Alpha. Siri counsels the great Wolfram Alpha Oracle always when you ask for something arithmetic, scientific, statistical or a plain fact-answered question. Recently it has added the possibility to let a super computer name what kind of object is on an image that you can upload as input.


It's obvious. Mankind's true purpose and spiritual path is to explore the galaxy. That is why universities were built. It seems a lot of Terrans, or maybe let's say: full students of the Universe, need more time to gain the necessary experience and the opportunity to learn from that. Most likely a worldwide event or people standing up for a common cause are of the essence. Until those days are showing, I hope to see new movies and series like these appear. May it keep us gazing at the stars, and see them as our destination instead of bodies far away.

I am positive there is an amazingly bright light at the other end of our wormhole. (tunnel)

So far Robin the movie critic. Live long and prosper!

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